Indian Karate Team to Participate in World Championship

MUMBAI: Karate is a Japanese martial art that literally means 'empty hand'. It is mainly about self-defense and counterattacking body movements. In fact, the central maxim of Karate is "You never attack first in karate," which was taught by Gichin Funakoshi the Okinawan who brought karate to Japan in 1922, and who is accepted as the father of modern karate. Other than self-defense, the mental and moral aspects of karate target the overall improvement of the individual.

The Indian Contingent of KWF Karate comprising of 11 athletes will be participating in the 7th KWF World Karate Championships & Technical Seminar to be conducted at Chitose city, Hokkaido, Japan from the 25th Sept to the 27th Sept 2015. In fact, one member from the team Aditya Bhosale has represented India in 2013 as well in Denmark for the 6th KWF World Karate Championships.

Karate, the world over, is promoted in two ways, Traditional and Sports. In India karate is recognized as a sports form and the Karate Association of India is recognized by the Government of India (Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs) and is also affiliated to the World Karate Federation recognized by the International Olympic Committee. It is also affiliated to the parent international federation in Japan called "KWF" Karatenomichi World Federation and the Karate Association of India.

According to Sachin Chavan, Chief Instructor & Director: KWFJKA (India), "Karate is an art form that embodies values first and technique second. Every Karate practitioner in Team India seeks perfection of character, is honest and faithful, puts maximum effort in what they do, respect others and develop self-control." He adds that, "all our team members are set to show their skill and win laurels for the country at the 7th KWF world cup which will be a global event where athletes from 56 nations will assemble to share their passion for a beautiful art – Karate."

Team India comprises of members who come from middle class families and are looking for sponsors to cover the cost of the trip and accommodation. Needless to say, the sponsor/s will get brand recognition on a global platform as well as be part of a noble venture. Sports and athletes need all the encouragement they can get for they are the role models for a fit India!