Benefits of karate


Karate training for children is fitness with fun, for adults a form of disciplined workout regime & a great stress buster.

In addition to the above, karate training incorporates vital advantages.

Some of these benefits are referred to as physical, mental and moral development.

These are the same three classes of personal development found in traditional educational systems.

Physical Development:

Callisthenic Drills in karate training help in Height Gain
Increases core Strength, Stamina and Suppleness
Improves Vitality
Enhances Fine & Gross Motor Skills
Sharpens Reflexes and improves Peripheral Vision
Enhances Agility
Helps reduce saturated Body Fat
Improved harmony between different organ systems
Karate is excellent for the heart, builds strong bones and bigger muscles, creates resilience, and makes the body less susceptible to sickness and injury.

In terms of Mental and Moral development, karate helps build

Clear thinking and Decisiveness.
Good character
Non violence
Respect for one and all.
Builds up a never give up attitude.


Brings in Discipline
Increases one's ability to learn, adapt and motivate
Helps develop confidence, self esteem and mutual respect
Helps develop team building and team dynamics
Makes one punctual and accountable for actions
Enhances ability to concentrate and solve problems
Brings in ability to listen, apply, think quickly and take decisive actions
Helps build social skills, break barriers in communication
Enhances work productivity through good health and sincere efforts
Helps maintain good personal professional work balance

In all these ways, karate is profoundly helpful to people in dealing with the many challenges facing them in today's society.

It brings in balance and perspective when these are needed most.

Overall Karate adds a strong foundation to one's character.