Importance of a good team:

Teamwork is often a crucial part of our karate training, as it is often necessary for students to learn & execute acquired skills well together, trying to give their best in any circumstances.

It builds up trust and mutual respect.

Karatenomichi World Federation India has a team of dedicated instructors who enhance the students learning experience by imparting knowledge in the art of KWF karate in the best possible manner.

The training conducted by us is in lineage with that imparted in Budo karate by the KWF International Headquarters in Japan and the expertise achieved by our Chief Instructor Shihan Sachin Chavan, he has standardized the syllabus for all assistant and junior instructors to follow.

We do support Sports Karate of WKF, which makes us one of the very few karate organisations in the world to impart both traditional and sports karate coaching to our members.

Special technical seminars and camps are arranged thrice a year to bring out the best in students to enable them test their skills in the karate competitions at the Inter-school, University, District, State, National and International levels.


KWF INDIA Kenshusei (instructor intern) training program

Analyzing growing necessity in the field of Martial Science, KWF India has commenced its Kenshusei (instructor intern training program) at the headquarter dojo at Mumbai from 2013.

This program is instituted by Shihan Sachin Chavan.

It helps to promote standardization, consistency and quality control of our Karate training practices, helping graduating karate-ka in times to come.

A member who has achieved a minimum qualification of 1st kyu (nearing Black Belt) with a minimum age of 16 years and above is eligible to join the Instructor intern training program which gives them an opportunity to coach at various educational institutions and dojo's as Junior Trainee Instructors with a basic remuneration/ stipend to support them financially.

Sensei Dinesh Mistry

45 years old, 3rd Degree Black Belt KWF karate practitioner from the Dahanu region, Sensei Dinesh has been instrumental in training in the art of Shotokan Karate from last 15 years.

He has got an excellent body stretching capability and currently assist the Chief Instructor Shihan Sachin Chavan in conducting dojos.

He is the chief for the Dahanu and Chinchan region in the state of Maharashtra for KWFJKA.

Sensei Siddharth Desai

A 3rd Degree black belt in KWF Karate and a bachelor in dental surgery, Sensei Siddharth is a dedicated and committed student to his mentor Mr. Sachin Chavan in the art of Karate - Do.

He is the assistant instructor in the KWFJKA National Federation, conducts karate class in Mumbai Suburb and has been active in the federation activities.

He is the current National & State Champion in Men's Open Kumite category in the federation.

Sensei Rajesh Patil

A 2nd Degree Black Belt in KWF, Sensei Rajesh had represented India in the 6th KWF Karate World Championships in Denmark in 2013. He conducts his karate classes in the Palghar District of Maharashtra as KWFJKA chief for that region.

A person always ready to help aspiring youth from the lesser developed tribal belts, he trains them in karate thereby molding them into better human beings.

Sensei Pratik Raut

A 2nd Degree Black Belt in KWF, Sensei Pratik is an Assistant Instructor - KWF India and currently assists the Palghar & Manor branch of KWFJKA for training and administration.

A super flexible, light weight and focused karate -ka to the core, Pratik is is the current National & State Champion for Men's Open Kata category in KWFJKA, for` him karate is his soul means of existence.

Sensei Pranita Warankar

An All India KWFJKA National Karate Champion in the Under 20 years girls category, Sensei Pranita is a karate athlete to the core, a Gold medalist at various karate championships, Pranita is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in KWF Karate with Sensei Sachin as her instructor and mentor. She is the upcoming face in the Karate fraternity and currently assists KWFJKA as a Coach in educational institutions.

Sensei Nehal Chavan

A 1st Degree Black Belt in KWF, Sensei Nehal is a mother to a six year old son, a certified coach in the field of Aerobics and Body Conditioning.

Nehal with her Home Science and Tourism background heads a business venture called AMAZING ADVENTURES and in addition devotes equal time to the development of KWFJKA & KARAYOBICS in terms of Training, Quality Management and Human Resources.

She is the current National & State Champion in Women's Open Kata & Kumite category in KWFJKA.

Sensei Aditya Bhosale

A youth full of energy, grit, determination, dedication and a fire under the belly to give out the best in the art of Budo Karate. His sole aim is to bring laurels to the nation through his love and passion for karate and cricket. A patriotic to the core with super abundance of spirit and energy like a super human, which are blessings in disguise for this young man. Being from a struggling middle class family he has been consistently maintaining his karate performance from last 5 years.

Aditya unlike others is very calm both inside and outside the ring and surprises the opponent with his Renjuku waza (combination techniques) at gushing speeds which makes it very difficult to counter.

He has been a great karate athlete in many Traditional and Sport Karate Championships and bagged several medals in the tally, mostly Gold. Sensei Aditya is a 2nd Degree black belt in KWF and had represented INDIA in the 6th KWF World Karate Championships at Denmark in 2013. He is now a Junior Instructor in the State Federation.

Sensei Anushka Subhedar

A 2nd Degree Black Belt in KWF Karate, she is one of the state and National karate champion for KWFJKA and helps the organisation as an assistant instructor, an upcoming dance choreographer by passion and a martial artist to the core.