• KWF in INDIA, headed under the able guidance of Shihan Sachin Chavan is the only organisation in country that focuses on teaching traditional Shotokan Karate. Spirit first and technique second is our moto. My time spent training was not only physical but also spiritual as KWF India adheres to strict budo principles. Here, Karate is viewed as a vessel to understand oneself and conquer all negative emotions. All the sensei's are very well educated in the art and believe in sharing their knowledge and are always open to clearing doubts regarding karate and its philosophies to a beginner. One not only gets to learn the correct techniques but also the application of them in real life combat situations. We are taught that respect is the most important, one must refrain from violence so each class begins and ends with a bow and the dojo kun (dojo principles) are repeated by all, giving each principle prime importance. Each session is like fun through Karate and the basics are given first preference. Through practice of Karate here one develops strong spirit, strong mind and a strong body - Keith Kelly

  • Tanush has been training in karate for about a year now and its terrific. Its a traditional karate style, great for children to learn discipline and appreciation for hard work. We are assured of his progress being in the hands of Great instructor SACHIN sir - Mr Bhakade

  • Karate is teaching my daughter Sia discipline, balance and good values which is very important. Sachin sir is a very dedicated teacher putting his 200% in his teachings. Thank you sir - Dr Mansi Kirpekar

  • I joined KWF India at the age of 38 with a basic fear in mind that whether i can do karate coz of my age. Still i decided to give a try and joined in. I have completed 7 months of my training this July 2015. There was not a single day when the thought of "Not possible, I cant do it due to age factor" came in my mind . I am doing all the fundamentals without fear. Thanks to Shihan Sachin Chavan who trains his students as per their age and body conditions - Subodh Sathe.

  • Sachin sir's efforts and dedication are very much commendable. He conditions a students mind to focus and not divert in rumbling thoughts. It gives immense value to life. Discipline is just another word to describe. Its surprising to see my son's thought process to change - to become more positive. It has helped him above all to concentrate in day to day activities of life. The respect for such a quality of a person comes from society automatically - Mr Hathalia.

  • Khushi my daughter has improved her concentration levels while doing karate and is becoming confident in doing her work independently and is improving her ways of doing school homework as well - Mrs Parikh.

  • Since last one year I and my son have been practicing Karate in the Shotokan style in KWF India. After an entire day of hard work at office and home, attending the dojo is a means of rejuvenating oneself. Also, the Karate competitions organized by Shihan Sachin Chavan motivate us to perform better. We are glad and privileged to be a student at this dojo and get trained by experts like Shihan Sachin Chavan and Sensei Dr. Siddharth Desai. My pursuit and passion for a disciplined life and strong well being will always continue with Karate - Dr Vinita Gaikwad

  • Pranay a black belt with KWF a participant for under 12 years in the 7th KWF World karate championships to be held in Japan for 2015 says - "My Self Confidence has increased, I have got control on my anger now. First I was shy in taking up leadership role everywhere but now karate training has helped me in become an extrovert person in life"

  • Nandini and Namrata both twin sisters and black belts in the KWF state " Our concentration power has immensely increased and we are becoming more confident. Karate training has helped us improve our body posture and we are indeed proud to be members of KWF India"

  • Vrishin Desai a black belt with KWF says "Due to karate training my concentration power and my confidence has increased. Its helping me in academics. It has also helped me to become a strong person. All thanks to KWF India chief Sachin Chavan sir"

  • Ansh a black belt with KWF states "Because of karate, my concentration power has increased and is helping me in studies. I am feeling more stronger and fitter than before. I am thankful to KWF India"

  • Karate brings a lot of discipline and self restraint along with imparting skills of self defense. Sachin sir provides personal attention to my son Karan who is now only 4 years old but started showing positive signs of liking the art form. We made a good decision by enrolling him with KWF INDIA - Mrs Sadare

  • Jitam had a problem of sinus but because of karate it helped him to recover. It also helps him be more fit and provides him a platform to participate in outbound activities such as championships and camping. Karate helps Jitam to refresh his mind so he likes and respects it a lot - Mrs Dhuvad.

  • Kajal and Aditya have gained a lot of confidence..... they are not having any health issues unlike in the past prior to joining karate classes. They thoroughly enjoy your class. Both of them are proud to be a part of KWF India and are very much proud to have Sachin sir as their Mentor - Inspector Mr Hake (Mumbai Police)

  • I always used to think that once I learn karate I can hit everyone and that nobody will be able to hit me back. But karate has taught me that we should only defend / protect ourselves and never hit others without reason - Harsh Vadia

  • At the start i joined karate because i loved to see karate movies and started thinking to do the same. But when i joined karate at KWF India under SHIHAN SACHIN CHAVAN, i understood that karate is not just moving your hands and legs, its an art and Martial science which everyone should practice once in their life. First i was a novice but karate inculcated in me values like discipline, patience, to be strong, to develop a never give up attitude and many more which could not explained in words alone. Also it has given me fame in school and I am proud that I am representing karate in my life. We practice karate in the class but the good effects are seen in the real life. It has build my physique by doing authentic core principle training rather than just lifting heavy weights and making the body look good from outside. It has mentally tuned me to be more positive whether it be sports or academics -
    Aditya Bhosale (Junior Instructor in KWF India)

  • I remember my son Pratham as a very hyperactive child wasting his energy in daily chorus. I noticed that it was very important that his energy should be channelized. One more thing we realized was the growing need of self defense and a healthy body.Today after 7 yrs of continuous karate training.....I'm happy to see my child not only physically fit but also mentally strong. I'm thankful to Sachin sir to bring out the best in him. Simple lifestyle tips given by Sir in regular class has helped him grow towards a better human being -
    Mrs Dattani.

  • I started training in karate when I was around 12 years of age. According to me it is the perfect age as one is able to understand what is being taught and it also lays a strong foundation for the life ahead. It's been 10 years now that I have been training in this art of shotokan karate and I have been very fortunate to train under a very knowledgeable, far sighted, calm, inspiring and spiritually inclined teacher - Shihan Sachin V. Chavan. Initially when I started training, it was only physical training for me. Series of repetitions of punches, kicks, trying to learn a set of choreographed movements called 'kata' to qualify for the next belt, fighting hard in kumite (fights). But as I kept on training, the art started revealing new secrets. The mental aspect of the art started stepping in, like how each punch or kick has to be faster and stronger than the previous one, how performing a kata repetitively takes you to a different world altogether, fights are not just physical but a mental victory over the opponents strategies. I started to understand the importance of stretching exercises before training and cooling down after training. I was training regularly and without me realizing it, the process was moulding me, physically and mentally. I had a strong body, good height, improved flexiblility, increased stamina, endurance, improved concentration and mental coordination. All these things also helped me get better in other sports while growing up. Karate is a brilliant stress buster and a vent for the pent up energy, it kept me very calm and non violent. Gradually with the proper age and maturity, my teacher introduced me to the spiritual aspect of the art. I got a deeper understanding of the 'dojo kun', the principles to be followed by a karate-ka, 1.good character,2.refrain from violence,3.respect others,4.endeavor (spirit of effort),5. be faithful. I cannot say that I have completely lived by these principles but I have always tried to (endeavor) stick by them and it has helped me a great deal in my personal and professional life. In my professional life, it helped me in my studies and sports and also to gain recognition to some extent. I am a dentist and I have been dealing with rural patients since three years. Being good and courteous to the patients irrespective of their religion, caste, economic status, gender, age (respect), giving them the best treatment options and not cheating them in any way (good character), giving the best treatment possible within my limitations as a learning student (endeavor). It kept me away from all the vices and bad company. I have tried and experienced things but my karate training never made me an addict to anything except for training hard. Sometimes I think what I would have been without karate in my life and the picture is quite scary. I might have been an average student, with average physical and mental development and not knowing what actual spiritual part of life is, no recognition anywhere, nor would I have traveled the world knowing some great karate teachers and friends, might have been bullied by someone, with no strength to fight back, no courage to stand by the side of justice. To summarize it, karate has been the foundation on what my present life stands tall. It helped me get physically strong, mentally stable and competent, spiritually inclined, be a good student, a good doctor, and a good human being. 'Karate has helped me have the courage to enter the dark alley with faith that I can manage myself and hope that there will be light at the other end' - Siddharth Jayant Desai (Asst Instructor in KWF India)

  • We are very happy to share our opinion about the karate training. My daughter Lekha practices karate from last six years. After going to karate we can see a tremendous change in her. We can see a type of discipline, toughness and self confidence in her. The most important change in her life is self defense. She can take care of herself on road or public places for a while, so now we are less worried about her. This is all because of karate. We are thankful to Sachin Sir for taking efforts to train our child. They teach in a way that every child can understand. They personally look after every child for their development. They arrange different activities for our child. Children enjoy each and every activity. We are happy that our child is a part of kwfjka - Mr Pradosh and Mrs Prachiti Alve

  • Joining KWF India has been very beneficial to my kid aged 8yrs in terms of physical fitness. It is an activity he looks forward to as every class has something new and exciting. Mr. Sachin ensures that he keeps the sessions innovative with a lot of variety. I am happy to have enrolled my son in KWF India - Mrs. Misra

  • My daughter Pranjali is attaining training classes of KWF India at SVIS Gorai. It is very essential for learning self defense in today's world which she is doing through it. It has given confidence to her and increased concentration level with yoga and aerobics training. It helps to develop her personality in all the manner and with expert teacher like Sachin Sir i am sure she will achieve the different goals in her life. Thanks to KWJFKA for providing training center at borivli and for organizing different camps at regular interval - Mr Parag Ghag

  • When I joined karate 4 years back, I was not good at games and was physically weak. After joining karate, my physical strength and flexibility have improved a lot. My self -confidence has also increased tremendously and so has my memory power. Thanks to the kata training where one has to remember steps in a sequence. Sachin Sir is my role model and I continue to learn to this day -
    Bhaas Thakur (Representing India in Under 10 yrs category in 7th KWF World Karate Championships in Japan in Sept 2015)

  • Devansh says " The first inspiration for me to join karate was my elder brother Vatsal Shah who has completed his 1st Dan black belt under sachin sir. Karate helped me improve my concentration power to a greater extent. Also my body reflexes have accelerated which is an aid in self defense"

  • Vandan says "I had a dream of learning karate . I thought I can then beat anyone . But when I learned karate, I learned that karate is a tool for self-defense. Regular training in karate helped me to overcome fear and gave me a very good body posture . Karate gave me lot of confidence and boosted my concentration. It has boosted my immunity level too.
    Regular training in karate not only gives confidence to face various ordeals at various fronts in my life but also the power to never say QUIT. Every time I face a challenge at my job....I do panic and get a set back for a movement.....but within seconds I imagine myself standing in the fighting position, ready to block the challenge with a strong attack. I always have a way out. This confidence is possible only because of regular training. Shihan Sachin Chavan, has always been a great holistic trainer - Dr Vinita Gaikwad, Director @ TIMSCDR

  • Regular training in karate not only gives confidence to face various ordeals at various fronts in my life but also the power to never say QUIT. Every time I face a challenge at my job....I do panic and get a set back for a movement.....but within seconds I imagine myself standing in the fighting position, ready to block the challenge with a strong attack. I always have a way out. This confidence is possible only because of regular training. Shihan Sachin Chavan, has always been a great holistic trainer - Dr Vinita Gaikwad, Director @ TIMSCDR